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Cryptocurrency Rising in Popularity with Australians, but Is It Any More than Just a Novelty?

Cryptocurrency is certainly not a new feature in the Australian financial market, but it has become significantly more visible recently. The Foreign Exchange market has been somewhat overshadowed by the surge in investments from the Aussie population, particularly the newest wave of investors.     The question is, does it have legs to continue growing, […]

Australian FOREX News: The Retail Sales Rollercoaster Continues Amidst Omicron Wildfire

Australian retailers have experienced more ups and downs in the last two years than any thrill ride on the Gold Coast. Record highs and crippling lows line up side by side from one month to the next, creating a highly unpredictable market. The end of 2021 was no different. In fact, it showed some of […]

Australian FOREX Forecast for 2022: What May the New Year Hold?

The turn of a year is always a time for reflection and speculation in equal measure. When it comes to the Australian Dollar, and what changes it could face on the FOREX market, there is much to think about.   2021 was a mixed year for the Aussie Dollar, dropping from the previous year overall. […]