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EasyMarkets Review 2021

$ 200,00

The Best Broker of 2021

No commission is charged at all by Easy Market. Another reason is that they offer Fixed spreads as compared to any other Australian Forex broker.

Review on Fixed Spreads at Easy Markets

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What exactly is meant by Fixed spreads

Easy markets : Whenever a trade is done the amount of difference between sell and buy rate is known as Spread. You must have seen this scenario wherever you are trying to exchange currency. You will see that there is a board put up giving the buy rate and another board with the sell rate. All brokers earn their bread and butter with this difference.

Now whenever the difference between sell and buy rate for any currency pair such as USD/AUD  is always know it is known as Fixed spread.  You are thus aware of the transaction fees in comparison to other brokers whose fee varies as per market trends. You can see below the details on the fixed spreads for the various currency pairs any Australian Forex trader can open the below 3 accounts

Best Forex brokers

Forex Brokers Min Deposit Platforms Max Leverage Rating Secure Link
1 EToro Australia
MT4, MT5
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Accounts available with Easy Forex for Trading

Availability of Training & Support

It was seen from the reviews that training and support were identified as the primary strengths of Easy Market Forex broker

When it came to support, it was seen that you could avail the services of a personal account manager for all the three types of accounts. You could thus get all the help you needed in making the right decision on your trade by consulting this manager. Anyone who deposited over got further personal training along with the services of a market analyst. It is therefore strongly advised to go for a premium account with a larger deposit where you can get better service along with lower spreads

Support with Easy Forex in Australia

Easy Forex Review Video when it comes to online training there is a plethora of options including:

  •  Availability of videos online
  •  Access to e-books
  •  You can attend seminars
  •  Simulators to help you with right trading strategies
  •  Updated Forex News along with informative articles
  •  Access to a vibrant online community
  • Visit the Website of Easy Forex

Leverage at Easy Markets

Easy Market has one of the highest leverage available in the Australian market. It offers a leverage of 400:1. You should understand that leverage is very important for any Forex trader since the currency movements are miniscule over a period of time.

Maximum Leverage

It is very important to understand how much of risk you can sustain when you trade in the currency market. Leverage can either increase your profits or get you into debt, so you should be very careful with currency trading. You should keep yourself abreast of the happenings at Easy Forex since in the initial days Easy Forex offered a multitude of leverage offerings.

Why Is Leverage Important When Trading In Forex?

Easy Forex offers a leverage of 400:1. This means that you are trading at 400 times the amount of trade. Let’s take an example that you want to trade $100 then using the leverage of 400x , the amount you are trading is $40,000. This means that if currency pair moves 0.1 then your loss or gain will be $40. This may at times not be a big amount, however if the amount is large it will be risky to lose a big sum of money. To minimize the losses it is advisable to understand and implement strategies to reduce the losses. The next section talks about effectively using leverage to you advantage by effectively employing risk reduction strategies.

Protective Strategies

Guaranteed Stops : One major reason reviewers have recommended Easy Forex was due to their strategies to reduce risks. Guaranteed stop is one of the safety mechanisms offered to all newbie and intermediate forex traders so that they do not end up losing money.

Negative Balance Protection : There have been numerous stories of traders losing all their money including deposit with forex brokers. Just as you have brakes for driving a car, you need brakes while trading. Easy Market ensures that forex traders don’t end up losing their deposit money. Easy Market achieves this with a feature known as Negative Balance Protection. Any trader is assured of peace of mind with this facility. If at any time this does not trigger as expected then the forex broker will bear the damages.

Bonus Offer at Easy Markets

There are numerous promotions and bonuses offered by Easy Markets on a regular basis to their customers. You can also have access to a free demo account where you can test out your strategies for a nominal fee of $25, which is to be paid yearly. Another attraction offered by Easy Market is when you deposit $2000 you get a bonus of 50% of your deposit amount.

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$ 200,00

The Best Broker of 2021

$ 200,00

The Best Broker of 2021