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Fiona Wood Net Worth

What is Fiona Wood’s Net Worth in 2023?

Fiona Wood, a renowned plastic surgeon, researcher, and innovator, has been committed to her field of medicine rather than commercial endeavors. Her net worth in 2023 is approximately $5 million, and there is no concrete information about her personal wealth. Unlike celebrities or business moguls, her focus has primarily been on medical advancement, particularly in the field of burns care. Dr. Wood’s contribution to science, particularly through the development of her patented spray-on skin, may have garnered some financial returns, but these are likely reinvested in research and development. Various sources indicate that her net worth might be modest in comparison to her significant impact on medicine and society.

The Life Of Fiona Wood

Born on February 2, 1958, in Yorkshire, England, Fiona Wood is a prominent Australian plastic surgeon. She has dedicated her life to advancing medical science, especially in burns treatment. Her development of spray-on skin has revolutionized the treatment of burn injuries, saving numerous lives. Wood’s commitment to her field has earned her many awards and worldwide recognition.

Early Life of Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood’s early life in Yorkshire was filled with curiosity and ambition. Born to a family with no medical background, her interest in medicine was ignited at a young age. During her childhood, she exhibited an acute interest in the human body, especially in healing and restoration. Her parents supported her passion by encouraging her to pursue her dreams, leading her to the path of medicine.

She moved to Australia with her family at a young age, where her fascination with the medical field continued to grow. Driven by her curiosity, she was determined to explore new frontiers in medicine, particularly in the area of reconstructive surgery. Her early exposure to different cultures and lifestyles gave her a unique perspective on the human condition, making her empathetic to the sufferings of burn victims. This empathy later became a driving force behind her groundbreaking work in burns care.


Fiona Wood pursued her medical education at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in London, graduating in 1981. Her interest in reconstructive surgery led her to specialize in plastic surgery. Wood continued her studies, completing training in various hospitals in London and earning her FRCS (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons). Her educational journey laid the foundation for her career, equipping her with the knowledge and skills necessary to make significant contributions to the field of medicine.

Career and Research

Wood’s career has been marked by innovation and dedication. After moving to Perth, Australia, she became a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Royal Perth Hospital and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. Her research in burn care has led to significant advancements, including the development of spray-on skin. She also co-founded the Fiona Wood Foundation, aimed at improving burn care through research and education.

Spray-on Skin

The invention of spray-on skin marked a turning point in burn care. Developed by Fiona Wood in collaboration with scientist Marie Stoner, this technology takes a small sample of a patient’s healthy skin and processes it into a suspension. This suspension is then sprayed onto the affected area, promoting faster healing and reduced scarring. Spray-on skin has been used in many countries, providing an effective and innovative solution for burn victims. This groundbreaking invention represents Wood’s commitment to reducing pain and improving the quality of life for those affected by burns.

Awards and Honours

Fiona Wood’s significant contributions have earned her numerous awards and honours. Some notable recognitions include being named Australian of the Year in 2005 and being awarded the Order of Australia in 2003. She also received the Clunies Ross Award in 2005 for her pioneering work on spray-on skin. Her achievements have not only brought her individual accolades but have also highlighted the importance of research and innovation in medicine, inspiring future generations of medical professionals.

Has Fiona Wood Ever Invested In Forex?

There is no public information to suggest that Fiona Wood has ever invested in foreign exchange (Forex) trading. Her life and career have been firmly rooted in medicine and medical research. While it’s not uncommon for individuals to have diverse investment portfolios, there is no evidence to indicate that Dr. Wood has engaged in Forex or similar investment activities.

Those interested in investment strategies, including Forex, often come from diverse backgrounds, but Fiona Wood’s public persona and professional activities are entirely oriented towards medical innovation and patient care. It’s essential to recognize that investment practices, especially in complex markets like Forex, often require specialized knowledge and attention. These factors further make it unlikely that Wood has ever been involved in Forex trading.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is spray-on skin, and how does it work?

Spray-on skin is a medical innovation developed by Fiona Wood. It involves creating a suspension from a small sample of a patient’s healthy skin and spraying it onto the affected burn area. This process accelerates healing, reduces scarring, and has been a game-changer in burn treatment.

  • Has Fiona Wood ever been involved in politics or advocacy?

While not a politician, Fiona Wood is an active advocate for medical research and improved burn care. Her foundation and public appearances consistently promote the importance of medical innovation and patient-centered care.

  • Where did Fiona Wood study, and what motivated her to specialize in plastic surgery?

Wood studied at St Thomas’s Hospital Medical School in London. Her interest in healing and restoration led her to specialize in plastic surgery, focusing on reconstructive surgery and burns care.

  • How has Fiona Wood’s work impacted global healthcare?

Wood’s development of spray-on skin has revolutionized burn treatment worldwide. Her research, innovations, and advocacy have not only advanced medical science but also set new standards in patient care and recovery.

  • What are some of the significant awards and recognitions that Fiona Wood has received?

Fiona Wood has received various prestigious awards, including being named Australian of the Year in 2005 and receiving the Order of Australia in 2003. Her work on spray-on skin also earned her the Clunies Ross Award in 2005. Her awards highlight her exceptional contributions to medicine and society.

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