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Barry Humphries Net Worth

What is Barry Humphries’s Net Worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Barry Humphries, also widely known as his alter ego Dame Edna Everage, is estimated to have a net worth of approximately $20 million. This considerable fortune can be attributed to a versatile career spanning over six decades, primarily within the entertainment industry, that includes television, film, stage performances, and authorship.

Barry’s pioneering work in satire and comedy has seen him perform in front of audiences across the world, both as himself and as his iconic characters, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. His characters became an essential part of international pop culture, providing him with a steady stream of income from various channels such as television shows, theatrical performances, book sales, and merchandise. Furthermore, his multiple appearances in popular films have contributed to his overall net worth.

The Life Of Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries, born on February 17, 1934, in Kew, Melbourne, Australia, is an esteemed comedian, satirist, artist, and author, known best for his on-stage and television alter egos, Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. Throughout his life, Humphries has enthralled audiences worldwide with his unique humour and bold performances, blending social commentary with comedy in a way few others have managed. His storied career has seen him accomplish significant success in various fields, becoming a national treasure in his homeland and an icon of comedy internationally.

Early life of Barry Humphries

Barry Humphries

John Barry Humphries was born in the Melbourne suburb of Kew, the son of Eric Humphries, a construction manager, and his wife Louisa Agnes, a housewife. Growing up, Humphries was an inquisitive child, known to have a strong interest in the arts from an early age.

Barry was educated at Melbourne Grammar School, where he began to nurture his creative talents, particularly in theatre and the visual arts. He further developed these passions at the University of Melbourne, studying law, philosophy, and fine arts. Despite the promise of a conventional career, Humphries was drawn to the flamboyant world of performing arts. He was a prominent member of the University’s theatre society, appearing in numerous plays that laid the groundwork for his future stage career.

His early life was not without turmoil. Struggling with alcohol addiction, Humphries sought treatment and courageously overcame his struggles, transforming personal adversity into creative energy. This transformation eventually birthed his satirical characters, a cornerstone of his fame and success.


Humphries’ career began on stage in Melbourne in the mid-1950s, but he first gained international recognition with his creation of Dame Edna Everage, a character he introduced in a 1955 revue. With her flamboyant style and sharp wit, Dame Edna became a sensation, leading to television appearances in the UK and eventually her own television shows.

Throughout his career, Humphries also acted in numerous films, including “Nicholas Nickleby” and “Mary and Max”, and even lent his voice to the popular animated film “Finding Nemo”. Furthermore, his satirical writing has made him a bestselling author. Today, Barry Humphries is celebrated as a pioneering comedian and satirist whose influence on the genre is undeniable.

Other work

Aside from his illustrious career in the performing arts, Humphries is an accomplished artist. His landscape paintings and caricatures have been displayed in prominent galleries, including the National Gallery of Victoria. He also authored several autobiographies and books, sharing insights into his life and the creation of his iconic characters. A noted bibliophile and collector, Humphries’ love for literature and art has been a constant parallel thread throughout his life and career.


Humphries’ most famous character, Dame Edna Everage, is a flamboyant housewife-turned-global celebrity with a sharp wit and larger-than-life persona. Sir Les Patterson, another popular character, is a lecherous Australian politician. Both characters serve as vehicles for Humphries’ biting satire, holding up a mirror to society with their outrageous antics and commentary. These personas have played significant roles in his performances, books, and television appearances, contributing enormously to Humphries’ international acclaim.

Awards and honours

Over the decades, Humphries has received numerous awards and honours, reflective of his impact on the entertainment industry. These include the British Comedy Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003, the Rose d’Or for Lifetime Achievement in 2006, and the Special Tony Award in 2000 for a live theatrical event for Dame Edna: The Royal Tour. In 2007, he was awarded the CBE (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) for his services to entertainment. Furthermore, he has been inducted into the Australian Walk of Fame and the Logie Hall of Fame, underlining his significance in his home country. His life and work have truly left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

Has Barry Humphries Ever Invested In Forex?

Though Barry Humphries has never publicly discussed his personal investment strategies, there is no readily available information to suggest that he has ever been involved in foreign exchange (Forex) trading. It is important to remember that successful people like Humphries often have diversified investment portfolios managed by financial advisors, which could potentially include Forex trading. However, given the risk level associated with such trading, it is not typically the investment of choice for individuals who are not well-versed or do not specialize in finance.

Humphries has earned his fortune primarily through his work in entertainment. His substantial earnings from his extensive career in comedy, film, television, theatre, and writing have likely been invested in safer, more traditional avenues.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that this does not mean Forex trading is not a viable option for others. Forex trading involves a high level of risk and requires a deep understanding of the global economy. It is a form of investment that has the potential for high returns but should be approached with care and preferably with expert advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How did Barry Humphries come up with the character Dame Edna Everage?

Dame Edna Everage was initially conceived as a caricature of Australian suburban housewives, introduced in a 1955 revue. Over time, Humphries developed the character into the flamboyantly fashionable and sharp-witted Dame Edna we know today. The character was partly inspired by Humphries’ experiences and observations growing up in suburban Melbourne.

  • What was Barry Humphries’ breakthrough role?

Barry Humphries’ breakthrough came with his creation of Dame Edna Everage. The character first gained recognition in Australia but soon captured international attention, leading to Humphries’ appearances on UK television and eventually his own shows.

  • Has Barry Humphries retired from performing?

As of 2023, Barry Humphries has not officially announced retirement. However, his performances have become less frequent. He’s noted that he enjoys spending time on his other passions, such as painting and writing.

  • Is Barry Humphries a trained actor?

While Humphries studied law, philosophy, and fine arts at the University of Melbourne, he was deeply involved in the University’s theatre society. Here he honed his acting skills and developed his passion for theatre, laying the groundwork for his later career.

  • What impact has Barry Humphries had on comedy and satire?

Barry Humphries is considered a pioneer in satire and comedy. His characters, particularly Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson, have provided biting social commentary under the guise of humour. He’s played a crucial role in bringing Australian humour to an international audience, influencing countless comedians and performers who followed him. His unique blend of character comedy and satirical commentary has left a lasting legacy on the genre.

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