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Michael Hutchence Net Worth

What is Michael Hutchence’s Net Worth in 2023?

As of 2023, the net worth of the late Michael Hutchence is estimated to be around $20 million. While he left us tragically in 1997, his legacy continues to generate income through his music, merchandise, and royalties from INXS’s extensive catalog. Michael Hutchence’s influence on the music industry remains immeasurable, and his contributions continue to be celebrated by fans worldwide.

Personal Life of Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was born on January 22, 1960, in Sydney, Australia. He was known for his charismatic personality and captivating stage presence. He had a tumultuous personal life, marked by high-profile relationships, including one with Kylie Minogue, and a highly publicized custody battle over his daughter, Tiger Lily. Sadly, his life was cut short when he passed away on November 22, 1997, leaving behind a profound impact on the music world.

Career of Michael Hutchence Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence’s career took off when he co-founded the iconic Australian rock band INXS in 1977. With his charismatic vocals and magnetic stage presence, he became the band’s lead singer and frontman, catapulting them to international fame in the 1980s and 1990s. INXS produced numerous hits, including “Need You Tonight,” “New Sensation,” and “Never Tear Us Apart.”

Hutchence’s unique blend of rock, pop, and soul influences made INXS a global sensation. His seductive stage persona made him an unforgettable figure in the world of music, earning him a devoted fanbase.

Artistry of Michael Hutchence

Michael Hutchence was not only a remarkable vocalist but also a talented lyricist and songwriter. His lyrics often explored themes of love, longing, and desire, connecting deeply with his audience. His sensuous and soulful voice added a distinct dimension to INXS’s music, making their songs instantly recognizable.

Tributes and Dedication

Following his untimely death, fans and fellow musicians paid tribute to Michael Hutchence. Several artists, including U2, paid homage to his legacy in their songs. The “Michael Hutchence Tribute” concert in 1998 featured prominent musicians celebrating his life and music. His charisma and contribution to music continue to inspire countless aspiring artists.

Other Work

Outside of music, Hutchence ventured into acting, making appearances in films like “Dogs in Space” and “Frankenstein Unbound.” His foray into acting showcased his versatility as an artist.


Michael Hutchence’s discography primarily consists of his work with INXS, which includes 12 studio albums. Their albums, like “Kick” and “Listen Like Thieves,” achieved multi-platinum status and are considered classics in the rock genre. His solo album, “Michael Hutchence,” released in 1999, further solidified his status as a musical legend.

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his career, Michael Hutchence and INXS received numerous awards and nominations. They won several ARIA Awards, including Album of the Year and Best Group. Hutchence’s powerful presence earned him accolades such as MTV Video Music Awards and Brit Awards. His impact on the music industry continues to be acknowledged through posthumous honors and recognition.

Has Michael Hutchence Ever Invested In Forex?

While Michael Hutchence was primarily known for his music career, there is no documented evidence to suggest that he was involved in Forex trading or any significant investment in the financial markets. His focus was primarily on his musical endeavors, both with INXS and his solo projects.

Forex trading requires a deep understanding of global financial markets, and it is typically pursued by individuals with a strong interest in finance and investments. Hutchence’s passion lay in the world of music, where he left an indelible mark.

It’s important to note that financial investments and trading are personal choices, and not every individual, regardless of their financial status, is involved in these activities. Michael Hutchence’s legacy primarily revolves around his musical achievements, his influence on the music industry, and his charismatic presence on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What were some of Michael Hutchence’s most famous relationships?

Michael Hutchence was known for his high-profile relationships with fellow celebrities. He had a well-documented romance with pop icon Kylie Minogue and was also involved with supermodel Helena Christensen. His most enduring relationship was with Paula Yates, with whom he had a daughter named Tiger Lily.

  • What led to Michael Hutchence’s tragic passing?

Michael Hutchence’s death shocked the world. He was found dead in a Sydney hotel room in 1997. The official cause of death was ruled as suicide by hanging, but the circumstances surrounding his passing remain a subject of discussion and debate among fans and investigators.

  • How did INXS cope with Michael Hutchence’s absence?

After Michael Hutchence’s death, INXS faced the difficult task of carrying on without their charismatic frontman. They briefly explored the idea of a new lead singer but ultimately decided to continue with guest vocalists for various performances. However, the band struggled to recapture its earlier success without Hutchence’s presence.

  • What is Tiger Lily’s connection to Michael Hutchence?

Tiger Lily is Michael Hutchence’s daughter with Paula Yates. After Hutchence’s passing, Paula Yates also tragically died, leaving Tiger Lily orphaned. She was subsequently adopted by her maternal grandparents, Bob Geldof and his family, who have taken care of her since.

  • How is Michael Hutchence remembered today?

Michael Hutchence’s legacy endures through his music and the continued appreciation of his work with INXS. Tributes, documentaries, and books have explored his life and career. His unique charisma, unforgettable stage presence, and powerful voice continue to inspire new generations of musicians and fans, ensuring that his memory lives on in the world of music.