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Immediate Edge Review

Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Immediate Edge Bot

Immediate Edge is one of the most famous crypto trading bots that use advanced technologies and offers user-friendly features to make trading easier for beginners and people who don’t have the time to watch markets. Its software is capable of predicting market trends at a lightning speed and executing transactions on behalf of users.

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Cryptocurrency trading apps make buying and selling easier than ever. They are convenient in many ways. It is not necessary to be an expert trader or to have prior trading experience since automated trading software will handle all your transactions.

You can manage your investment portfolio on the go with your mobile device or laptop. What’s more, since your automated system closely monitors market activities and executes trading transactions based on your preferences, you do not need to follow market trends and complex charts all day long.

Choosing an online cryptocurrency trading app that best suits your needs is one way to set yourself up for success despite the fact that there is no sure way to guarantee investment returns. Immediate Edge is one such app that gained a lot of investors’ traction.

Immediate Edge is one of the fastest-growing Bitcoin trading apps, so we reviewed it to find out if it meets the criteria for an ideal trading platform.

What is Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge’s business model is simple. The trading app has invested millions of dollars on developing its software and to make its platform user friendly so anyone can adapt to it easily.

Immediate Edge is an automated crypto app. The app is backed by algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market trends and initiate trades on behalf of its users. What’s more interesting about this trading app is it doesn’t restrict users to trade Bitcoin only. It allows you to trade Bitcoin against other crypto pairs such as ETH, BCH, and XRP. Moreover, Bitcoin trading against currency pairs like GBP, USD, and EUR is also available.

Immediate Edge software permits its users to bet on market fluctuations, both up and downside. The trading software has the potential to analyze the trends and send signals for the potential upside. The user needs to set trading preferences to help software initiate trade on the user’s behalf. For instance, you can set parameters to buy when the moving average increases above its 200-day average.

Additionally, it offers strategies for speculating on falling prices. Risk should be avoided by configuring the stop-loss settings and account criteria. A position opening and closing can also be specified.

Can you Trust Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge is a legit platform. We performed due diligence and extensively reviewed the entire system and reviewed previous users’ feedback to find out its trustworthiness.

The majority of trading apps don’t follow any regulatory guidelines or trading standards. However, this is not the case with Immediate Edge. The platform is regulated by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority and Australia’s Securities and Investment Commission. This means that the platform is legit and reliable and you don’t need to worry about the trading practices and deposits.

The app also guarantees not to share your personal information with anyone else and it has been using encryption protocols to secure data. Moreover, the trading apps comply with top data security regulations, such as Europe’s General Data Protection Law.

Who can Use Immediate Edge?

Anyone can use Immediate Edge. The automated trading software is available in more than 150 countries around the globe.

When it comes to Immediate Edge, you don’t need to be an expert or a graduate in finance to play with the cryptocurrency market. No matter what your profession is, you can trade crypto markets.

The app is specifically designed for people who are short on time and do not want to become experts in the markets but still want to earn a decent income from their investments.

An automated app such as Immediate Edge is also better than hiring a trader. The problem is that traders cannot react to price changes fast enough to achieve the optimal trades that they are theoretically capable of.

The problem is made worse by exchange delays and transaction delays. To achieve the best trades at the cryptocurrency markets, traders simply cannot spend as much time on them as they should. Globally, crypto exchanges would need to be monitored round the clock.

Here it is important to understand that software will execute trades on your behalf. But the software will not do all this at its own discretion. You need to spend a couple of minutes every day to set parameters and set directions for the software to hunt for trading opportunities.

Key Features of Immediate Edge

Immediate Edge is a crypto trading bot. In order to maximize the impact of a bot, Immediate Edge has several features that make it the best choice for investors around the globe.

Free of Charge

Bots are charging fees, some of them charge significantly high fees and hidden charges for their automated trading services. In the case of Immediate Edge, the platform is free to use. You are free to register on the platform. In addition, the platform offers a free demo account to users. On top of that, deposits and withdrawals are also free. Your bank may charge some transaction processing fee. But the transaction is free from the Immediate Edge side.

Contrary to other bots that charge commission on every trade, the platform also promises not to charge commission on losing trades. This means that traders are only liable to pay a small percentage of commission only on profitable trades.

Fully Automated Transactions and Projections

The trading bot of Immediate Edge enables you to automate cryptocurrency trading through the use of a set of programs. It’s true that the trader must pay attention to market statistics to improve the returns when making a decision about parameter setting and which cryptocurrency to buy or sell at what time.

However, your job is limited to parameters. The bot will gather the market data, interpret it, and then buy and sell cryptocurrencies on your behalf depending on your settings.

You can watch the trading activities through your dashboard. If the market moves in a different direction, you can change your strategies and parameters at any time. For example, if the price of Bitcoin falls below a certain limit, you can use a cryptocurrency trading bot to purchase more of it. Overall, trading through an Immediate Edge trading bot is more cost-effective and time-saving than hiring human experts.

Market Risk Prediction

Crypto trading bots rely on their market prediction potential. To calculate the potential risk in the market, Immediate Edge uses market data and historical market trends. You can use this information to determine how much to invest or trade. Users can choose what data goes into the software in order to refine the results.

Demo Account

Demo account trading is one of the most crucial features of this software. Demo account trading permits traders to test the platform and execute their trading strategies in real-time with fake money. You can also learn about how to set trading parameters because the software will work according to your requirements.

How to Get Started?

Unlike other trading platforms, the Immediate Edge signup process is very simple and user-friendly. The process will not take more than a couple of minutes and you will be ready to trade markets in real-time as soon as you transfer the funds.

Once you are done with the system’s review and are satisfied with its features, you need to start the account creation process. Below are the steps you need to follow to start Bitcoin trading through an automated system:

Step 1: Registration

You can find the registration form on the front page of the Immediate Edge website. Unlike other platforms, the registration form is simple and composed of a few steps including name, email, and phone number. Other platforms have been using complicated registration systems and users are even required to attach their tax and identification documents.

Immediate Edge will send a verification email once you provided the required information and clicked the register button. You will be able to access Immediate Edge software and review your dashboard once the link is verified.

Step 2: Deposit Money

After the registration, the next step is depositing money into your Immediate Edge account. There are many ways to transfer money into your trading account. For instance, you can use credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal to transfer funds. Once the funds are transferred into your Immediate Edge account, you can access all the functions and features of the software.

Your deposits are safe with Immediate Edge. The platform is registered with top-rated regulators and strictly follows deposit standards. The platform holds users’ funds in a separate account and returns them anytime on traders’ demand. Your profits will also be transferred into the Immediate Edge account.

Step 3: Parameters Settings:

Once your funds are deposited into your Immediate Edge account, its software is ready to execute trading transactions. But before that, the software needs to understand your risk tolerance and investment preferences. Trading parameters include price, investment amount, preferred crypto pair, trading volumes among others. This is the most important feature as it creates a huge impact on overall returns.

Final Verdict

In addition to reviewing users’ feedback, we tested the platform thoroughly and found Immediate Edge to be reliable. Immediate Edge software is equipped with advanced technologies to make trading easier for traders. The software actually enables people of all professions to participate in crypto markets since all trading is automated.

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