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In this article, we discuss some of the most critical aspects of Immediate Bitcoin and answer a few questions about it so that you can make an informed decision on using it. Without further ado, let us begin this piece.

What Is Immediate Bitcoin?

Immediate Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that incorporates an AI system. There are multiple tradable crypto CFD assets available on the trading hub, and the software uses a robust algorithm to monitor pairs with the highest volatility and prioritize those assets.

What’s excellent about Immediate Bitcoin is that veteran traders and newcomers can use the software. It is designed to be intuitive yet user-friendly, making it great for people of all skills levels. There are zero trading fees, and only a tiny commission is payable on a profitable trade; the company does not charge any fees for transactions that run at a loss.

Another great thing about Immediate Bitcoin is that the company takes your online security seriously and does not skimp on safety. All transactions are protected by military-grade encryption technology that protects your identity and essential credit card credentials.

Investors new to Bitcoin trading like to take advantage of the built-in AI system the Immediate Bitcoin software offers. It indicates when the market is overbought and oversold, allowing the trader to buy or sell their desired amount of Bitcoin.

Immediate Bitcoin does not offer a trading app but rather an HTML web trader that can be used from any computer or mobile device. Once you sign up with the application, you will be redirected to the company’s broker, where you can complete your first deposit.

If you want to use Immediate Bitcoin, you will be happy to know that only a minimum deposit of $250 is required. You can deposit any maximum amount, and all transactions are performed through a secure peer-to-peer system.

Now, you may be wondering, “Is Immediate Bitcoin a Scam?”. Luckily, the next part of the article discusses that in depth.

Is Immediate Bitcoin a Scam?

When selecting any automated trading application, the legal status of the platform should always be on top of the trader’s list. Best Forex Broker Australia performed due diligence to determine the legality of the Immediate Bitcoin trading platform.

One of the most crucial aspects of trading is choosing the right platform. If you fail to select the right broker, you may be exposed to risk. It is good to note that there is no way to recover funds if you fall into a trap set by scammers.

In the case of Immediate Bitcoin, the platform looks trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, you can use its demo account, and creating a live version does not incur a fee. In addition, Immediate Bitcoin is engaged with the most legit and reputable brokers.

If you are worried about losing your funds, you can rest easy knowing that Immediate Bitcoin stores your capital in a separate account to comply with regulatory guidelines.

Using its advanced technology, Immediate Bitcoin can analyse complex market data in a matter of minutes. These key factors have made Immediate Bitcoin one of the most preferred AI trading platforms on the internet. Most trader and investor reviews suggest that Immediate Bitcoin is a safe and reliable AI-powered cryptocurrency trading application.

How Does Immediate Bitcoin Work?

Both new and advanced investors love Immediate Bitcoin because of its user-friendly dashboard. Once you have signed up, you can immediately get in on the action once transferred to the dashboard.

When you are connected to the broker, you can make your first deposit of $250 and let the application do the rest for you. Immediate Bitcoin is a trading application that executes trades on behalf of investors and does an excellent job at it. The company provides its services to over 160 countries and supports cryptocurrency CFDs trading.

There are a few significant pairs, such as BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and BTC/GBP. You only need to select the one you wish to trade, and the application can decide when is the best time to buy or sell.

One remarkable thing about this application is the sign-up process. It takes no longer than a minute to sign up and get started, and all you need to do is provide the company with your name, surname, contact number, and email address.

From there, you have unlimited access to the dashboard and its features. You will also need to verify your account to withdraw your funds. This only talks a few minutes, and some friendly consultants help you through the process.

It’s good to remember that Immediate Bitcoin holds all client data strictly confidential as per the GDPR.

The Immediate Bitcoin trading system allows investors to start without knowledge because the technical trading functions happen on autopilot. If you are someone interested in investing in Bitcoin, it may be worth it to check out Immediate Bitcoin.

How to Create an Immediate Bitcoin Account

There are four steps required to create an Immediate Bitcoin account. If you are concerned about safety, please remember that an SSL certification secures the login process so that all your credentials remain hidden from prying eyes.

Follow the below steps verbatim, and you will be on your way to investing with Immediate Bitcoin in no time.

Step One: Registration

Filling in the registration form requires visiting the Immediate Bitcoin official website. On the homepage, you can find the registration form near the top of the site. The registration process is only a few steps and is rather simplistic.

Unlike other platforms, Immediate Bitcoin online requires information like your name, addresses, and email.

Once you fill in the required information, click the register button, and the platform will email you a verification form immediately. If you wonder how long this process takes, do not fret; it will take under one minute to complete the entire sign-up procedure.

When you have received the verification form via email, you will be required to confirm the account.

Step Two: Demo Account

What’s excellent about Immediate Bitcoin is a demo account for users to try out the services before loading real money. You can better understand how the AI system works and play around on the dashboard to check the different cryptocurrency pairs.

An example is in the parameters settings, where you can adjust the investing rate you want AI to process. Immediate Bitcoin gives you many options for tweaking your settings, but please be aware that it can dramatically affect your potential outcome.

It may be good to learn about parameters before trading with real money if you are new to investing. That can help you avoid significant losses as you develop your trading plan and slowly find your consistency.

Step Three: Deposit Funds

Once you have completed the registration process and tested out the platform, you will be required to fund the account to trade the market in real-time. Clients from all over the world are accepted, and the minimum deposit is $250. The platform offers various deposit methods, such as online, digital, wire transfers, and credit cards.

Step Four: Live Trading

Now, your Immediate Bitcoin account has some funds in it; you are free to set your parameters accordingly. Remember that the application trades for you, so if you have loaded a minimum deposit, be sure to select a low trading frequency to avoid blowing your account.

Cryptocurrency markets are always highly volatile, so it is suggested to set a stop loss to avoid uncertainty. Many tips and tricks can be learned to increase your consistency while trading, but the most significant piece of advice is to be patient.

Let Immediate Bitcoin trade on its own so that you don’t have to. The AI system can detect price movements with high precision and execute positions even faster.

What Are the Key Features of Immediate Bitcoin?

Platforms with outdated features and technologies can negatively impact the user experience and returns. Immediate Bitcoin is one of the most advanced AI trading systems with a user-friendly interface and technologically equipped tools.

Here we listed some features that make Immediate Bitcoin stand out from the other AI trading platforms out there.

High-Frequency Trading

Previously, high-frequency trading was only available to elite investors but now comes built into Immediate Bitcoin’s trading software. In the past, high-frequency trading required powerful computers, software, and other technological resources, but not in the modern world of algorithms.

Immediate Bitcoin has democratized the institutional level of investing styles to the average investor. Its software can analyse large amounts of information and detect major or minor price movements.

Innovative Technologies

In order to mitigate the risk and enhance the accuracy rate, Immediate Bitcoin uses the most advanced technology like blockchain technology and artificial intelligence. It makes trading decisions on behalf of the user, and the software deploys algorithmic trading with advanced and complex mathematical models. Using pre-defined rules, these models identify the best time to trade based on the least impacted stock price.

The AI system operates for crunching information, finding correlations, and attempting to predict future price action. When AI repeatedly goes through data and tries to gain insight, that is known as machine learning.

Easy Deposit and Withdrawals

Immediate Bitcoin permits traders to transfer funds from various methods worldwide. You can deposit as many dollars as you want, but the minimum deposit is $250. The platform does not hold your funds in its bank account but instead in an external account for your capital’s safety.

What’s great is that you are eligible to withdraw these funds any time you want. You need to set your desired withdrawal method in the platform’s dashboard. Immediate Bitcoin sends money through various online channels such as PayPal and wire transfers.

Commission, Fee, and Safety

Numerous trading platforms charge hidden commissions and fees that always have a significant impact on the total returns. Opening an account with Immediate Bitcoin is free, and there are no charges for withdrawals or deposits for new or old clients.

However, there are fees charged on profitable trades. This fee is two percent and does not apply to losing positions the algorithm picks.

In terms of safety, the Immediate Bitcoins website adheres to global data protection standards and has military-grade encryption. Immediate Bitcoin is connected with regulated brokers worldwide, so you can be confident you are in good hands.

Immediate Bitcoin Review – Final Verdict

A group of experts who have strong knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets developed Immediate Bitcoin trading software. Due to the development team’s extensive experience, the dashboard is intuitively designed and user-friendly.

It is an automated tool with innovative technologies supporting its features. Moreover, signing up with the company is simple, and there is a low minimum deposit required.

The additional demo account lets you test the system before loading real funds. That means you can first understand the markets before diving headfirst into Bitcoin investing.

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