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Bitcoin Trader Review

Cryptocurrency trading platforms are online exchange platforms that let users trade one digital currency for another. Most trading platforms also allow the conversion of a virtual currency to fiat or traditional currency.

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In recent years, the crypto market has seen the introduction of several new trading platforms. However, not all trading platforms are created equal and provide the same level of service. Therefore, as a trader, you need to determine whether a trading platform is, in fact, legitimate and suitable for your use.

Best Forex Broker Australia, a site that provides trading platform reviews, chose to evaluate and put this trading software to the test to see if it is legitimate or a scam in response to its growing popularity.

Understanding Bitcoin Trader

Bitcoin Trader is an automated trading platform that uses an algorithm to make trading easier. It is intended to assist investors and traders in earning from cryptocurrency market changes while minimizing human intervention.

Auto-trading robots use algorithms to evaluate and monitor market patterns to find good trading opportunities and execute them on the user’s behalf.

With Bitcoin Trader, you can trade several popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency. You can also speculate on price movements with the help of the auto trading bot.

Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?

Choosing a trading platform isn’t always easy. There have been several scam websites posing as legitimate trading platforms that have tricked people out of their money. This is why determining the legitimacy of a trading platform is so important to the Best Forex Broker Australia.

One of the easiest ways to tell whether a trading platform is legitimate is to judge by its level of transparency. Fortunately, with Bitcoin Trader we noticed that the platform provided clear information about the company that runs the site.

Additionally, scam sites often have hidden costs and fees for transactions. However, with Bitcoin Trader, we found that there were no hidden costs, and the platform even offered a demo mode to help users get accustomed to the platform.

It also provided helpful information about trading that would not be expected from a scam website, and the exchange is associated with regulated brokers, which is another good sign. Several customer reviews also testify that this trading platform is indeed legitimate.

How Does Bitcoin Trader Work?

When looking for a trading platform, it is essential to determine how user-friendly it is. We tested Bitcoin Trader and found that it was very easy to use and included a demo mode that let us familiarize ourselves with the platform before making an investment.

Bitcoin Trader was created with both beginners and advanced traders in mind. While it does take time to get to know how to use the features, there are helpful guides to help you do just that.

We put this automated trading platform to the test by registering, setting up an account, and making a few small trades. The good news is that we found it to be incredibly user-friendly. The website includes a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a trading account.

After you’ve created an account, you can test out the application in an easy-to-use demo mode that simulates real-time market fluctuations. You are given fake trading account funds that you can use to purchase a cryptocurrency that you believe will increase in value and then sell when the price has climbed to profit.

The free demo mode lets you play around with the parameters, familiarize yourself with the software, and practice trading before risking any real money.

Creating a Bitcoin Trader Account

If you are wondering how to set up an account to get trading cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin Trader’s exchange, keep reading. Here is everything you need to know to set up your trading account.

Step One: Complete the Registration Form

The first step is to visit the platform’s website and sign up for a trading account by completing the online form provided. Fortunately, this process is quick and easy, as the site simply asks for your name, email address, and phone number.

Be sure to add a valid email address and phone number, as the site will need to verify your details before providing you with a trading account.

Step Two: Complete the Verification Process

Once you have submitted your details on the website, you will receive a text message or an email to verify your details. Follow the prompts to complete the verification process.

Step Three: Test Out the Software Using the Demo Mode

Next, you can use the free demo mode to familiarize yourself with the software. The demo mode lets you practice live trading using fake trading credits, so you can get a real feel for trading live without the risk of losing real money.

It also lets you learn more about parameters and test them out. Successful trading always involves the use of a tried and tested trading strategy. With Bitcoin Trader’s demo mode, you can develop and test out your trading strategy to use when trading live.

Step Four: Fund Your Trading Account

Once you are confident about your trading strategy and know how to use the platform, you are ready to begin trading. However, to do that, you will need first to fund your Bitcoin Trader trading account.

We recommend starting with a small amount to minimize your risk of losing all your capital investment. Bitcoin Trader offers several ways to fund your trading account. You can do a bank transfer or transfer funds from your credit card directly into your trading account.

There are also several payment methods that you can use, so choose the most convenient and easily accessible one.

Step Five: Set Your Preferred Parameters

After funding your trading account, you will need to set your preferred parameters before you can trade live. Because Bitcoin Trader uses automated trading software, you will need to spend some time setting parameters that support your trading goals.

Parameters can significantly affect the outcome of your trading experience, so we recommend testing these out on the demo mode before using them on live trades.

Another point to keep in mind is that the parameters you set aren’t set in stone. If you believe your previous approach did not perform as well as you had hoped, you could choose to adjust your trade parameters.

Step Six: Trade Live

Once you have set your trading parameters, you are ready to get started trading live with Bitcoin Trader. Keep in mind that you can choose to trade using the auto trading bot, or you can choose to trade directly.

Either approach doesn’t guarantee that you will make a profit, and it is up to you to ensure that the trades you execute are profitable. We recommend setting up a stop loss to prevent you from losing all your capital investment.

You should also start with small trades, especially if you are new to trading, as risking it all on one trade could result in you losing your initial investment.

What Are the Key Features of Bitcoin Trader?

When choosing a crypto trading platform, it is essential to consider the key features that each platform has to offer. This can help you determine which platform is a good fit for you and your personal trading needs. Below are some of the key features that we found with Bitcoin Trader.

Intuitive Software

Bitcoin Trader employs cutting-edge technology such as blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure that your funds are secure. Its technology also helps to improve the user’s trading experience.

Algorithmic trading employs complicated and powerful mathematical algorithms to execute trades on your behalf. Using algorithms, the software determines the best trading window with the least effects on prices.

Artificial intelligence systems process information, look for patterns, and forecast future consequences. With Bitcoin Trader, you can expect to enjoy the benefits of AI or trade using your discretion on one intuitive platform.

Easy-to-use Platform

An important factor to consider when choosing a trading platform is its ease of use. You must be able to easily find and use features should the need arise. There also shouldn’t be any glitches or lags that could influence your trading decisions.

Fortunately, we found that it was extremely easy to use when we tested this platform, both on manual trading and automated trading mode. The features were well explained in the demo mode, making it easier to find them when trading live.

High-frequency Trading

High-Frequency Trading is a prominent financial approach that was previously offered to only the wealthiest investors.

This is because HFT trading involves using sophisticated processors, software, and other resources to locate and perform trade opportunities in just microseconds to profit from minuscule price differences. Traditional techniques fail to detect these pricing disparities in human dealers.

Bitcoin Trader has made high-frequency trading techniques more accessible to ordinary investors. Its technology can detect slight price changes and analyze vast amounts of data at breakneck speed.

Stop-loss Feature

When the price of a cryptocurrency hits a specified figure, known as the stop price, a stop-loss order allows you to buy or sell. Stop losses aid traders in avoiding or reducing the possibility of losing their investments, as well as locking in profits on a long or short position.

The stop-loss functionality that Bitcoin Trader offers is very simple to use. When in demo mode, you can play around with stop losses and learn how it works. We strongly advise you to use this function when trading, as cryptocurrency markets are quite volatile, and it’s possible to lose funds, especially if you’re new to trading.

Easy Deposits and Withdrawals

Unlike other trading platforms, depositing and withdrawing funds from a Bitcoin Trader account is quick and easy. There is a small withdrawal fee, but the platform is upfront about these costs, so you know what to expect.

There are also several payment methods on offer, so you should find one that is convenient for you. It also doesn’t take long for money to reflect in your bank account when making withdrawals, which is a bonus.

Great Security and Privacy Measures

If you aren’t careful, you can lose the funds in your trading account. This can happen when a trading platform doesn’t pay close attention to its security measures. Third parties can also gain access to your sensitive information through these platforms.

Fortunately, Bitcoin Trader has taken the security and privacy of its users seriously, employing strong encryption and security features to ensure that no hackers can get onto the platform and empty your trading account.

It also has a privacy policy in place that guarantees that your sensitive information will not be sent to third parties without your consent.


One of the things we liked about this exchange is that it is transparent. It provides information about the people that run the site, and it offers customer support should its users experience any difficulties.

The site also doesn’t make unrealistic promises to make you rich overnight, promising to provide you with the tools you need to trade instead. Its automated feature improves your chances of executing successful trades, but it does not promise an unrealistic 100 percent chance of success.

Therefore, traders are encouraged to spend time learning about crypto trading before using this software instead of blindly relying on artificial intelligence to conduct trades.

Great Compatibility

Another great reason to use Bitcoin Trader for cryptocurrency trading activities is that it can be used on a range of devices, including desktop applications, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Simply download the application from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and sign in using your details.


If you are looking for a trading platform to help you trade cryptocurrencies and more, you may be considering Bitcoin Trader. Based on our experience with Bitcoin Trader, we are happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy trading, whether they are beginners or advanced traders. We hope you found this review helpful!

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