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Ethereum Trader Review 2022

Ethereum Trader aims to improve investors’ access to the second largest and one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies, Ethereum. In order to determine this automated trading platform’s trustworthiness and reliability, Best Forex Broker Australia thoroughly examined and tested it.

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Ethereum is one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies today and is continuing to take market share away from Bitcoin through its extensive use in decentralized financial apps and non-fungible tokens.

Ethereum price growth outpaced Bitcoin’s growth both in 2020 and 2021 and turned out to be the most traded and watched coin. Analysts predict Ethereum will reach the $10,000 mark in 2022 due to the increasing use of its smart contract function in both emerging and established markets.

It is key to understand that the price surge never comes in a straight line. Like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum price also makes price swings both on technical and fundamental factors. In order to avoid uncertainty and find better entry and exit points, trading robots are one of the best options, particularly for new investors.

Ethereum Trader is among the emerging trading bots that help investors in making profits from price swings. There is no need for technical knowledge like you would need with traditional brokers. This is because Ethereum Trader has automated every aspect of the trades.

Ethereum Trader was reviewed by Best Forex Broker Australia to determine its legal status and which of its products, tools, and features make it superior to other trading bots.

What is Ethereum Trader?

Ethereum Trader’s main purpose is to make it easier for traders to take advantage of the significant increase in Ethereum’s price. The business model of the online automated platform should therefore be understood. 

Founded in 2017, Ethereum Trader is an automated trading and learning platform about Ethereum. It was created by a group of professionals to alleviate pressure on crypto traders and increase profitability. The bot not only executes trades on user behalf, but it also constantly send buying and selling signals. The bot never sleeps and constantly analyzes price patterns using algorithms.

Besides automated Ethereum trading, the platform also strives to serve as a learning platform. It is true that with more information about the second-largest cryptocurrency, you have the best chance of making better trading decisions.

Is Ethereum Trader a Scam Platform?

Traders should always verify the legal status of the platform where they plan to transfer their hard-earned money. It is true that online and automated trading platforms have significantly enhanced traders’ access to top asset classes, the trend has also provided scammers with an opportunity to defraud innocent people.

In the case of Ethereum Trader, the platform looks legit and reliable to trade. There are no fake testimonials or bad reviews from users. Moreover, the trading app doesn’t ask traders to deposit funds on registrations. It is free to register and use. Moreover, Ethereum Trader doesn’t hold traders’ funds in their personal or business accounts. To comply with the regulator’s guidelines, the platform holds traders’ funds in a separate account and returns those funds immediately on demand.

How Does Ethereum Trader Work?

People love to trade with user-friendly platforms. Complicated platforms and registration processes increase traders’ stress. 

Ethereum Trader system is simple to use. Its website contains a lot of information about how to trade Ethereum. Like other legit trading apps, the platform has made its software user-friendly. Beginners can easily understand the trading requirements and reduce risk by utilizing the tools and features provided.

Unlike other platforms that require users to provide a lot of personal information, a few clicks and a little personal information are all you need to use this automated trading platform. It is compatible with both PCs and smartphones. Therefore, it can be used anywhere and whenever you like.

Follow these four steps to start trading on Ethereum Trader:

Step 1: Registration

The registration is the first step. Users can easily find the registration form just by visiting the website. Ethereum Trader has set the registration form on top of its home page. You are also not required to attach any documents when signing up on this platform. The registration form is composed of four types of information including first name, last name, email, phone number.

Once you provide the information and click on the register button, Ethereum Trader will immediately send a verification mail to your email address. You are required to click the verification link to verify your identity. This is also simple when compared to other platforms where users have to pass through various verification steps, which is a lengthy procedure and takes a couple of days to complete.

The platform creates a dashboard for you as soon as you verify your identity and allows you to review the software. Moreover, one of the support members from Ethereum Trader will contact you to answer your questions.

The platform will also not ask to deposit funds right after the registration. In fact, you can review and test the platform as long as you want before depositing the funds.

Step 2: Fund the account

After you’ve opened an account and tested the platform and decided to trade, you need to deposit a minimum of $250 into your Ethereum Trader account. You can deposit any amount you wish but starting with a lower amount would be a wise strategy. You should also not use the entire deposited money for a single trade and instead use it for various trades.

Your money will remain in your control. Ethereum Trader will not make any trades on their own with your money. Various deposit methods are available for transferring funds. Withdrawals are also not restricted. Both the principal and profit can be withdrawn.

Step 3: Set Parameters

Once your funds are successfully deposited into your account, your trading bot is set to start betting on the fast-growing Ethereum price. However, you need to set your trading preferences to help your bot know that when to trade and how much risk you can afford to take. Trading parameters include price setting, the amount of investment, stop-loss order among others. For instance, you can order the bot to invest $50 every time when Ethereum’s moving average jumps above its 200-day limit.

Step 4: Live Trading

Once you set the parameters and permit the bot to trade on your behalf, the bot will immediately start finding buying and selling opportunities. You should regularly watch the trading activities of your bot and change trading preferences according to the market environment. This strategy would help you in maximizing gains and avoiding risk.

What are the Key Features of Ethereum Trader?

Traders of all levels can benefit from Ethereum Traders’ unique and user-friendly features. Some of the features that make it different from other platforms are:

Ethereum Trading

The majority of automated trading platforms are focused only on Bitcoin trading, which is the de-facto crypto leader and the most popular cryptocurrency. Although Ethereum’s market dominance is at only 20% compared to Bitcoin’s 40%, its price grew much faster than the de-facto leader. Only a few automated platforms like Ethereum Trader are currently offering access to this cryptocurrency. The future prospects of the second-largest cryptocurrency are bright amid increasing demand for smart contracts.

Automated Trading:

In the past couple of years, automated trading has gained traction due to several factors, including fast analysis and order execution. Elimination of emotions from trading is among the factors that make automated trading superior to human trading.

Users are also not required to spend several hours analyzing complex charts and reading trading signals. Ethereum Trader bot is using complex algorithms to analyze a large amount of data in microseconds. This software is developed by a team of brokers and specialists to help traders maximize their returns while spending less time figuring out what to buy.

Simple Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

Traders particularly beginners always give significant importance to ease in depositing and withdrawing funds. In the case of Ethereum Trader, the deposit and withdrawal are so simple. The platform permits traders to use various methods to deposit funds such as credit cards, wire transfers, and online payment transfer methods like PayPal.

On the other hand, many trading platforms place restrictions and limitations on funds withdrawals. You can withdraw funds from Ethereum Trader even if you didn’t make a single trade. You can also withdraw the earned money from your trading account whenever you want.


There are many trading bots that charge uncertain fees. The case is different with Ethereum Trader since they don’t charge any registration fees, broker fees, or any other hidden fees. Ethereum Trader charges a 1% trading fee on trading transactions. There is no hidden fee other than this. Deposits and withdrawals are also free of charge.

Demo Account:

Ethereum Trader permits traders to test their platform through demo trading. Its demo trading is also free. Demo trading is the most important feature for new traders. We strongly recommend beginners learn the trading process through demo account trading before using real money. Demo trading will not only help you in understanding the trading process but will also help you in testing the product and features of an automated trading platform.

Final Verdict

Ethereum is one of the fast-growing cryptocurrencies while the Ethereum Trader app makes it easier for traders to access the second-largest crypto coin. Its trading software is backed by innovative technologies with a simple user interface. New traders or investors who don’t have enough time to examine markets can rely on this platform.

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