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BitIQ Review

If you are unsure where to begin, BitIQ gives you access to the top trading tools to bridge the gap between the general public and high quality asset classes like Bitcoin. The trading app is free to use and quipped with user-friendly tools and features. So you can try it to exploit the volatility in bitcoin price.

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Trading has become easier and stress free with the advent of crypto trading apps. In addition to the technological revolution, bitcoin’s price gains, as well as volatile moves and the million-dollar price predictions, helped attract hundreds of thousands of new investors.

A more appealing fact is that the invention of mobile apps for trading has made it easy for people to speculate on the price even if they don’t have any prior experience. As online trading has grown, hundreds of new crypto trading apps have been introduced recently, making it more difficult for people to choose the right one.

If you’re looking to get involved in the cryptocurrency sphere, one of the first steps to consider is the right trading app according to your needs. Choosing the wrong app could be a disaster for your trading career.

To help solve this problem, we decided to review BitIQ App, one of the fastest-growing apps among beginners and advanced bitcoin traders. It is a trading software that is well-programmed and highly equipped with advanced features and trading tools.

Let’s take a look at why BitIQ App has been the top choice of bitcoin traders.

Is BitIQ Legit?

Its critical to check the legal status of any trading app before reviewing its features and tools. We also performed due diligence in the case of BitIQ review. 

BitIQ appears like a legit platform as the app is designed to offer strong trading tools and user-friendly features to improve your trading skills and make it easier for you to generate profits. Its business model is not focused on generating revenues from its customers through commission and fee. It’s free to sign up and test the platform.

There are several other reasons to believe that BitIQ is a legit platform. For instance, BitIQ hasn’t been promising big returns. We haven’t also seen any fake testimonials, which are usually used to lure new investors. Moreover, the app doesn’t force traders to deposit money into their account. You are free to test the platform as long as you want and there is no need to deposit funds until you are completely satisfied.

It is also important to note that every investment carries risk. It is a fact that cryptocurrencies have the potential to generate lofty returns in a short time. However, the higher level of volatility exposes investors to various risks.

What Is the BitIQ App?

Let’s first look at BitIQ’s trading model and tools before diving into its other features. 

Unlike stocks and forex, bitcoin price moves on market sentiments, historical trends, and speculations about more mainstream adoption. All this creates a huge amount of volatility in prices, which is quite difficult for humans to detect through ordinary candles charts. Analyzing crypto trends is quite a stressful and lengthy task and requires a high level of training and education.

With the advent of trading software, trading has become quite easy if you choose the right platform. BitIQ App is one of the best crypto trading software that aims to improve your trading skills and help you in making smarter decisions.

Further bolstering BitIQ’s growth rate is its ability to perform well for both beginners and advanced investors. You don’t need to worry even if you don’t have trading experience. In addition to offering powerful trading tools, the platform will also provide you with assistance in developing your trading strategy through a personal account manager.

BitIQ has developed a user-friendly interface. Moreover, a wide range of tools allows traders to build a customized trading strategy. The software also allows you to copy trades that are executed by seasoned traders.

Additionally, BitIQ offers all services for free. You will not be charged a fee for using the app, and no commission will be charged for transactions. Fees and commissions always have a negative impact on investors’ payouts.

The app is designed to provide ordinary investors with access to a high-class asset that was previously only available to wealthy investors.

When it comes to investing in the crypto market, some people are intimidated by the perception that they need thousands of dollars right from the beginning. It’s not true. Instead of buying a bitcoin by spending around $70K including fees, you can speculate on bitcoin price even with a $10 investment. This is because you don’t need to buy an asset. Instead, you can win profits by speculating on whether the price will go up or down. “Open a FREE Account Today” to get started today.

How Does BitIQ Work?

The trading platform is worthless without a user-friendly interface and account setup even if it offers high-quality tools and charting features. 

Based on our experience, the BitIQ app looks user-friendly and well designed. Its website offers all the information that one needs to kick start trading. Returns are not promised and we didn’t find any unrealistic content that lures investors. On the website, there are no fake testimonials.

BitIQ app is compatible with all devices including PCs and mobile devices. You can use this app anywhere because the app works on any device, at any time, and from anywhere just by signing into your account. The app offers a wide range of charting tools, trends finders, and analytics tools.

Below are the three steps to get started trading on BitIQ:

Step 1:

You should review the website before creating an account since you will learn a lot about how it works, which will ease the registration process. After you decide to sign up and create an account, you will only need to complete the registration form, which is located at the top of the website. You are only required to provide information about your name and email. This is contrary to other apps because most trading apps require investors to provide personal information related to Social Security Numbers, Utility bills, and bank account statements.

In the case of BitIQ, you are also not required to deposit the money during the registration process. The account registration is free of charge and no upfront payment is required until you are fully prepared for trading.

Step 2:

Once you are done with the registration form, you will instantly receive a verification email. You need to click on the verification link to verify your identity. The app will welcome you to the platform. You will also be contacted by one of the broker’s account managers and you can use the software with the broker. All inquiries and requests will be handled by your account manager, so you can focus on trading rather than dealing with technical account issues.

We were amazed by how fast the platform was, and how easy it was to create an account. The assistance from the account manager has further made it easier for us to review and understand the entire system.

Step 3:

Review the entire system and check all features. You are not time-bound to deposit funds. Once your hands started moving smoothly on the software and you are adapted to all the tools, you might deposit funds. The platform will allow you to transfer funds into your BitIQ account through multiple methods including credit cards and wire transfers.

Key BitIQ Features

BitIQ is easy to use and stress-free thanks to a large number of its unique features, which set it apart from the competition and help it grow at a faster pace.

1. Customized Trading Strategy

BitIQ offers a way to build a customized trading strategy on the platform, an option that isn’t widely available in trading apps. Building your own trading strategy is beneficial in many ways as it saves your precious time and money. For that, the first thing you need to determine is trading goals, investment amount, and what type of assets you are seeking to trade. You should also look at the past performance of bitcoin when building a strategy. Setting entry and exit points as well as other trading rules would lower the risk of losses and increase the prospects for gains. You should also test your strategy during various market situations before relying completely on that.

2. Copy Trading

Copy trading is one of the most enticing features BitIQ offers to new investors. This feature enables beginners to copy trading ideas of other seasoned investors and portfolio managers. In fact, new investors can copy the trading strategies and other activities of people they admire in the investing sphere. Copy trading is useful because it enables new investors to see how advanced traders handle market situations.

3. Easy Deposit and Withdrawals

This is one of the most important features for traders because they don’t want to lose their money when depositing funds into their BitIQ account. The app creates and assigns a new account to every trader, and the funds are secured there. No one other than you will have the right to use your funds. You can use various methods to deposit funds. You can start trading as soon as the funds are credited into your BitIQ account.

On the other hand, you can withdraw funds anytime you want. You can withdraw funds from your account even without making any bets. Moreover, the app instantly transfers the profits earned to your BitIQ account and then you can withdraw that amount to your bank account.

4. No Fee or Commission

Only a few platforms offer free trading services and BitIQ is one of them. There are no open and hidden charges. Account setup is free of charge. Deposit and withdrawals are also free. Moreover, the platform doesn’t charge any commission on trades and profits. This means your profits belong to you. You will get what you have earned. Higher fees and commissions always negatively dent your hard-earned money. “Open a FREE Account Today” as BitIQ’s services are free of cost.

5. Support Staff

In our experience, the support staff was really helpful. Right after registration, the app has immediately assigned one of their account managers for our assistance. The account managers answered all our requests and inquiries, helping us to focus on trading rather than technical account issues. Besides that, the app has also established 24/7 support to answer through live chat, email, or telephone.

Final Verdict

After closely reviewing the BitIQ app, we observed that BitIQ is a legit trading software with numerous innovative tools and features. Its copy trading and customization feature make it one of the best platforms for beginners. The app is also user-friendly with simple account setups. You don’t need to have any prior experience or large investments to trade bitcoin through BitIQ.

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