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Bitcoin Motion Review

Automated System for Bitcoin Trading

New investors across the world are seeing Bitcoin trading as one the best ways to make big profits in the short term. A huge amount of volatility, excitement about the million-dollar price prediction, involvement of celebrities to a highly-engaged Bitcoin community on social media contributed to attaining investors’ traction.

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Compared to stocks and forex and many other markets that make small price movements, Bitcoin keeps traders intrigued because there is always something new and exciting happening. The price may change drastically in hours and days. In the course of a few hours, Bitcoin can make or erase billions of dollars in the market cap, and traders have experienced those swings throughout 2021.

CNBC reported that new investors are flocking towards Bitcoin trading due to mobile investing platforms. In the survey, 57% of young and new investors said they use mobile apps as their main means of managing investments.

Bitcoin Motion is among the trading apps that gained a lot of popularity over the past two years, with hundreds of thousands of new users joining the platform. It is an automated trading platform that helps investors to benefit from Bitcoin price volatility while reducing the risk involved in trading.

Let’s dive deeper into the Bitcoin Motion to see the reliability of its trading platform for new and advanced investors. Our findings will be based both on testing Bitcoin Motion and on previous user feedback.

What is Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is a trading app for Bitcoin. Its trading software is automated and unique in many ways. The software is backed by advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, which is shaping the future of trading.

Bitcoin Motion’s software utilizes AI to analyze a large amount of data with greater accuracy, execute trades at the optimal price, and minimize risk to enhance returns and reduce the risk of losses. Furthermore, Bitcoin Motion’s software also includes multiple algorithms that enhance the ability to perform data analytics to improve the accuracy rate and speed of trade execution.

Bitcoin Motion executes trades on users’ behalf. This means that users are only required to deposit funds and set trading preferences. The rest of the trading activity will be performed by Bitcoin Motion’s software. The platform claims to have an above 85% accuracy rate.

There is also an option for manual trading. Traders are eligible to manually execute their trades using signals from Bitcoin Motion software which monitors the market 24/7 and never sleeps for a second.

Is Bitcoin Motion a Scam?

Bitcoin Motion is a legit platform. It has served hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The majority of users’ feedback is positive about its trading platform and there are no complaints about any legality issue. The users also look satisfied over its features.

The platform is serving traders across the world. Therefore, it is partnered with reputable brokers that are registered in their jurisdiction.

Who is Bitcoin Motion’s Audience?

Bitcoin Motion is seeking to serve people across 150 countries. This platform is designed in a user-friendly and professional manner to work for both beginners and advanced investors. Its software is simple to use but equipped with advanced technologies and innovative features.

Bitcoin Motion focuses mainly on beginners and those who want to earn passive income but don’t have enough knowledge or time to explore markets. Its software is completely automated. Users are only required to add trading preferences and risk tolerance. The software will monitor the market 24 hours a day to find and execute trades based on users’ preferences.

The platform has also developed a demo trading option, which lets traders trade markets in real-time with fake money. Traders can learn about trading through demo trading if they don’t have any prior experience.

Bitcoin Motion also caters to advanced investors. The platform is backed by advanced technologies and algorithms to analyze a large amount of data and find market trends. Advanced traders have an upper hand over beginners and they can better use the software by setting trading preferences. There is also an option for advanced investors to manually trade on the Bitcoin Motion platform. With Bitcoin Motion software, they can use trading signals and carry out transactions based on their own criteria.

What are Key Features of Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion has developed several enticing features to make trading easy and profitable for its users. Below are a few features that make Bitcoin Motion a perfect choice for crypto traders:


Bitcoin Motion has created a transparent system. Its deposit, withdrawal, and payout system is simple. You can use various channels to deposit funds into your Bitcoin Motion account. These methods include wire transfer, credit cards, and online payment methods. The minimum deposit requirement is $250. There are no charges on deposits. The earned profits are credited to your account balance instantly. These funds can be withdrawn when needed.

There are no restrictions on withdrawals of profits. You can withdraw earned money on daily basis. Bitcoin Motion offers fast withdrawals. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours after you initiate it.

No Hidden Charges and Fee

Some brokers and trading app charge significantly for their services through commissions and fees. In fact, sometimes there are hidden charges that users initially don’t know. Commissions and charges always have a massive impact on your overall returns.

In the case of Bitcoin Motion, the system is completely transparent. The platform does not charge any fee for account registration. Deposits are free. There are no hidden charges. The platform will only charge a small commission on trades.

Demo Account Feature

A unique feature of Bitcoin Motion is its demo trading mode. Before you invest real money in a real time market, you can practice with the software first. Demo trading plays a huge role in developing beginners’ trading abilities. You will trade markets in real-time with fake money. You can use various trading strategies to find out what works well for you.

How to Get Started on Bitcoin Motion?

Bitcoin Motion is a simple and user-friendly platform. To access Bitcoin Motion’s software, you must register yourself on their website.

Step 1: Registration

Registration is the first step. The platform has placed a registration form on its home page. The form is simple. You don’t need to have your documents and other personal verification details with you to register on the platform. Bitcoin Motion only requires you to provide information like name, address, and email. However, it focuses on your security. Therefore, the platform recommends you create a strong password and never share your account details with anyone else.

Once you click the Register button, Bitcoin Motion will send a verification link to your email address. You need to click the link to verify your identity. After confirmation, Bitcoin Motion will instantly create a dashboard for you where you can track your transactions and access its features.

Deposit Money

Once you are registered with Bitcoin Motion, the next step is depositing money. The minimum deposit requirement is $250. However, you can deposit as many dollars as you want. Your funds are saved with Bitcoin Motion. It is complying with regulators’ policy of holding traders’ funds in a separate account. Bitcoin Motion does not use your funds for business or other purposes. You can use various methods to deposit money.

Live Trading

There are risks involved in trading. Therefore, you need to be cautious when trading markets in real-time. You need to insert accurate trading preferences because trading software will follow your instruction when finding and executing trades. Trading preferences include the amount of investment, preferred buying and selling prices, volume, moving averages among others. Don’t forget to add a stop-loss order. It plays a key role in protecting your investment when thing moves in the wrong direction.

Final Verdict

Bitcoin Motion is one of the best-automated trading platforms for both novice and advanced investors. The platform is user-friendly with a low minimum deposit requirement. Bitcoin Motion’s software uses technologies that institutional and high-net-worth investors can only use in order to maximize investors’ returns and reduce risk in trading. Previous users’ feedback and its increasing popularity suggest that it is a reliable and trustworthy system.

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