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Finding a reliable trading app these days seems to be almost impossible. There are hundreds of different ones on the market! Some of them are excellent for beginners, others are tailored for experts, and others work for any user type.

If you’re not a trading expert, it may be hard to tell which of these apps is the right one for you, and that’s why we’re here for. Today, we’re going to take a look at BitCode Ai, which seems to give trading an interesting take for beginner, intermediate, and expert traders.

These reviews are mostly educational and informative. Remember that trading is a highly risky activity, and we’re not responsible for any trades you make with the BitCode Ai platform or any other one we’ve reviewed on our website.

Now that we’re ready, let’s take a look at what BitCode Ai has to offer!

What Is BitCode Ai?

BitCode Ai is a trading app designed to help you purchase cryptocurrencies through a minimalistic and simple platform. At first glance, there’s not much difference between Bitcode Ai and other platforms we’ve tested.

However, one thing we love about this trading app is that it doesn’t waste time with walls of text praising its technology; it goes straight to the point. If you want to trade Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies, sign up, make an investment, and start trading right away.

As soon as you get into BitCode Ai’s platform, you’re going to notice everything you need to know is laid out carefully in perfectly-labelled sections. If you’re a beginner, you will appreciate this since you’re unlikely to get lost on the way.

Don’t let BitCode Ai’s simplicity fool you; as you will see further into this review, you will find that this trading app will easily cater to most trader types without any problems.

Other than the minimalistic approach that BitCode Ai gave its homepage, we didn’t find anything else special with it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s bad, but those who may be expecting “something more” could get disappointed.

Is BitCode Ai a Scam?

We don’t think BitCode Ai is a scam in any way. Our team tested the software for a considerable amount of time and didn’t find any problems with any of the features promoted on the website, specifically the withdrawals, which is where several trading apps fail.

According to reviews, BitCode Ai is a CySec licensed broker, which gives it an extra layer of authenticity and reliability. Keep in mind that unregulated brokers can work with your money as they please, including taking it away from you. In these cases, knowing that the app is licensed can give users peace of mind.

As for data protection measures, the website works with SSL certificates that safeguard users’ registration and payment information. When it comes to trading, security is a must if you don’t want to lose your money over a few days. Thankfully, BitCode Ai proves that it has everything ready to go and that it will take care of your money as you use the platform.

How Does BitCode Ai Work?

In essence, BitCode Ai works similarly to other trading apps on the market. You don’t have to be a trading expert to begin using this app since it already has everything carefully laid out for you. Once you create your account, you’re free to explore all of the app’s features, which include trading signals, cryptocurrency selection, and other parameters you will need to set up before making your first trade.

Creating an account at BitCode Ai is free, but it doesn’t mean that you can trade for free. As with any other trading platform currently on the market, you need to invest before starting to trade (although you can use the Demo account to test your trading parameters first). Many people claim you can start with an investment of $250, although you’re free to invest any amount of money you feel comfortable with.

A good rule of thumb while working with trading apps is never to invest more money than you can afford to lose; that way, you ensure your trading experience is much safer and more fun.

In a nutshell, we believe BitCode Ai allows you to see the bigger picture in trading by letting you evaluate live and historical market data, test different trading parameters and cryptos, and overall trading in the method that suits your needs the best. If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t feel too complicated, BitCode Ai may just have the answer for you.

What Are BitCode Ai’s Most Remarkable Features?

Each trader looks for different things when they search for their “perfect” trading app. Some look for fast withdrawals, others for efficient customer support, and so on. We’re going to outline BitCode Ai’s best features so that you know what to expect if you decide to create an account there.


As mentioned at the beginning of this review, not all trading apps are suited for all traders. Some are more simplistic and are aimed toward beginners, whereas others are much more complex, making them better for experts. You can consider BitCode Ai a middle-ground option since its features may favour both types of users.

On the beginner side, we found the platform to be simple enough to navigate. It’s virtually impossible to get lost, and even if that happens, you’re easily going to find your way around after a few minutes of browsing the app.

Furthermore, experts have a plethora of different trading options to consider for their trading sessions. If you’re one of those who like to test different strategies continually, this may be a decent option to explore.


BitCode Ai -to our knowledge- is compatible with any device with an active internet connection. This means that any device, whether it’s portable or stationary, can access the BitCode Ai platform if it has a browser and internet connection.

Unfortunately, there’s still not a mobile app for BitCode Ai, which may disappoint some users who prefer to trade on the go. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a look at the platform from your phone since the web trader is optimized for all devices.

If you want to have the best trading experience, however, we highly suggest you go for the desktop version since it gives you much more visibility than the mobile one.


You’re not going to fall short on trading tools while using BitCode Ai. This trading app goes from the most basic features to even the most advanced ones. Furthermore, this app gets updated continually, meaning you’re likely going to get even more features as time passes and cryptocurrencies evolve.

Fast Response and Withdrawals

Nobody likes slow platforms, and the team at BitCode Ai made sure to take care of that problem. While the platform isn’t the fastest that we’ve used in our lives, we think it’s still decent in comparison to other popular options on the market.

As for the withdrawals, you’re not going to have any problems with them. We made a few tests on this department, and our money was in our accounts no more than 24 hours later. Still, you can contact the team at BitCode Ai if you have more doubts regarding withdrawals or the service itself.

Demo Account

Diving deep into live trading right away can be scary, especially for new traders. Thankfully, BitCode Ai has a Demo account feature where you can practically test your trading parameters with “fake money.” In other words, there’s no money at stake here, so you’re free to test your skills as much as you want.

Once you’re ready to begin trading, you can switch to the live trading section, invest, and get started.

How Can You Create an Account at BitCode Ai?

As mentioned before, creating an account at BitCode Ai is entirely free of charge (aside from the investment you have to make to start trading). If you want to start trading with this platform, this is the process you will have to complete:

One – Fill Out the Registration Form

First, find the registration form at BitCode Ai’s page. There, you may be required to send the company a few personal details, such as your name, email address, phone number, and so on. Moreover, you must create a password for your account.

Two – Explore, Test, and Invest

Once you confirm your account, you’re free to explore the app’s platform as much as you please. You can also use the Demo account if you consider it appropriate. Once you’re ready to trade, invest an amount of money you feel comfortable spending.

Three – Trade

Click on the “Trade” button, and get your journey started! Remember you can adjust your trading settings as much as you need until you find what works for you and your particular goals.

Bottom Line | Do We Recommend BitCode Ai?

Overall, we think this is a trading app worth trying out if you’re looking for something decent that will help you see the bigger picture in trading.

BitCode Ai is not supposed to trade on your behalf or give you any outstanding trading features, but from what we could see in our review, it has just enough to be considered a legitimate and reliable option for users.

If you want to trade with BitCode Ai, remember you can register for free at its website.

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