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Bit Index AI Review

Bit Index AI is a cryptocurrency trading bot that aims to assist crypto traders in increasing their profits. This unique feature may provide Bit Index AI an advantage over other trading bots because it allows its customers to benefit from the FOREX and crypto markets with ease.

In this Bit Index AI review, Best Forex Broker Australia looked at the bot’s most essential aspects, such as its availability in various countries, its wide range of trading instruments, and the answer to the question, “Is Bit Index AI a Scam?”

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Bit Index AI: Description

Bit Index AI is a crypto trading robot powered by artificial intelligence that aims to help traders locate the optimum entry and exit points in both markets. Investors can also use robots to assess market liquidity and choose whether to engage and when to avoid the market.

Furthermore, Bit Index AI is a relatively young player in the industry; however, it is already having a significant impact on the crypto and foreign exchange (FOREX) markets. This bot works by providing consumers with a cryptocurrency robot driven by artificial intelligence.
Hence, this can conduct crypto and FOREX trades on your behalf in a timely manner.

Bit Index AI has also demonstrated its commitment by forming partnerships with some of the best crypto exchange brokers on the market to enable automated transactions.

Is Bit Index AI Trustworthy?

We recognize that working with cryptocurrency trading instruments necessitates care due to the various scams that exist. Bit Index AI, on the other hand, can assure you that it is totally legal because it uses CySEC-licensed brokers to administer your account and assist you in trading securely. You will be assigned a broker as soon as you create an account.

Furthermore, you’ll also enjoy round-the-clock access to devoted customer assistance. Bit Index AI also used an SSL certificate to encrypt all of your personal details. When you sign up, you’ll be granted access to a demo account, which you can use to “test trades” and familiarize yourself with the Bit Index AI platform.

How Bit Index AI Operates

Bit Index AI operates by claiming to use AI trading algorithms to automate the complete trading process. CCI, Trend, TSI, Williams, Stoch, and MACD indicators are among the indicators included in the program. The combination of these indicators aids the software in determining the optimal trading positions.

This trading bot is an expert in FOREX and crypto trading. The entire process may be set up in one go and left to run due to the fibre optics technology.

Bit Index AI uses a combination of trading indicators to determine the optimum entry and exit points. Through an API, the system sends the information or trade configuration to the associated brokers. With your money already invested, you can relax and wait for the trades to finish so you can learn and repeat.

Creating a Bit Index AI Account

Trading using Bit Index AI has to be one of the most straightforward processes. Furthermore, everything can be set up in under 20 minutes.

However, before you can begin trading with this crypto bot, you must first register and wait for the profile to be activated. This is done in an extremely seamless manner.

Even if you don’t have to pay to join Bit Index AI, you have to go live in order to see real results. To do so, you’ll need to have money in your account. If you’re ready to give Bit Index Ai a try, follow these steps:

Step One: Registration

The first step is to create a new account. Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be finished with the registration process, and a professional broker will be assigned to you to complete the rest of the procedure.

Because the people at Bit Index AI are concerned about the security of your personal information, they have implemented GDR compliance and site encryption to ensure that your personal information is kept safe at all times.

Step Two: Deposit Funds

Once you’ve looked into the Bit Index AI software and are confident it’s the perfect decision for you, it’s time to deposit funds.

Although you are free to deposit whatever amount you like into your new account, we recommend that you fund your account with the minimum deposit to enjoy the various perks of Bit Index AI.

You can keep investing money for higher gains once the Bit Index AI system starts working in your favour.

However, it’s also vital to withdraw part of your funds from time to time for proper risk management.

You can deposit into your account with Bit Index AI using the following methods: MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Neteller, or Disocover Network.

Your live trading account will be fully operational once you have financed your account and are ready to begin making use of all of the Bit Index AI system’s capabilities.

Step Three: Practice on the Demo Account

You’re not quite ready to start live trading yet? Why don’t you try out Bit Index AI’s demo version? You can acquaint yourself with the system by using the demo account option.

This transfers you to a new page with information about the account’s characteristics.
The platform offers traders a specific credit to play with in order to obtain the full benefits of the Bit Index AI demo account.

Remember that this credit can only be used in the demo mode when using it. This choice will help you quickly understand the basics of trading while also allowing you to explore the Bit Index AI program.

Despite the fact that the demo account is intended for practice, you can use it to try out the “Auto Trade” feature that makes the Bit Index AI platform so appealing.

Step Four: Trade on Your Live Account

We’re sure you’ve completed your registration and had your account enabled by now. After this, you should be taken to a trading zone where you may decide how much money you want to put into your account, whether with Bitcoin, Ether, or other cryptocurrencies. Take a look at some of the extra features:

  • Trading History: This section contains information on your previous trades, including gains and losses.
  • Control Panel: Configurations and other improvements relevant to your profile are available in this section. The control panel area also allows traders to customize the system’s operation by making changes or tweaks.
  • Go Live or Demo Account: You may choose between live and demo trading here.
  • Open Transactions: You can look at the operations dashboard in real-time in this area. It is also where you may get a quick overview of the AI trading program’s performance.

Bit Index AI allows you to trade several of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, and Ripple. Additionally, Bi t Index AI offers users the opportunities to trade the following currency pairs: EUR or USD, as well as crypto/crypto.

You have to decide how many simultaneous transactions you want to enter and the trade amount wager for each trade conducted after you’ve chosen the currency pair you would like to trade.

Main Features of Bit Index AI

One of our favourite aspects of the Bit Index AI platform is that it provides each user with seamless access to all of the platform’s features. The technology has prompted many people to give the system a try as a result of this choice by Bit Index AI developers.

Furthermore, the Bit Index AI technology takes one percent of your earnings for each successful trade done.

The inventors of the Bit Index AI system ensure that every trader will gain significant knowledge on every deal performed. A few of the main features that stood out to us include:

Verification System

The verification procedure is simple and easy to follow. To get started, you need to fill out a form with your information, such as your name, phone number, address, and email address. You need to finance your account once it’s been validated and activated.

To fund your account, you need to enter payment information such as the card number, the kind of card used, the expiration date, and the three or four digits on the back of your card. The Bit Index AI systems, unlike some other platforms, does not need users to submit utility bills or bank statements.

Fees or Costs

Bit Index AI, as previously stated, feeds off transparency. This explains why there are no additional charges to be concerned about. Furthermore, registration is completely free, and users will not be charged any commissions or broker fees.

Deposits and Withdrawals

We attempted the withdrawal option while exploring the Bit Index AI system, and we were blown away to discover that it was completed in less than a day.

This means that traders who use the Bit Index AI program can withdraw their funds at any time and have them processed within 24 hours.

Users can choose from numerous payment alternatives to fill their accounts, which adds to their quick withdrawal process.

This is clear evidence that the Bit Index AI team prioritizes its users over any and everything.

Customer Service

You can reach Bit Index AI’s fantastic customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via live chat or email. Once you’ve been called, you can rest assured that you’ll be connected to a helpful customer care representative who will answer any concerns or questions you might have.

User Testimonials

The Bit Index AI platform presents evidence of real users who have found significant value from using the Bit Index AI system to convince investors of how credible the company is.
The majority of the testimonials indicate that people are really pleased with Bit Index AI since it allows them to learn more about the trading industry.


The Bit Index AI platform is set up in such a way that new users must be linked to a broker. This means that in order for the platform to work properly, funds must be invested via a broker, who will then allow users to trade their favourite asset class.

Additionally, the process is also automated to make things as simple as feasible. Furthermore, the business has certified each and every broker listed on the program.

Systematised Trade Feature

After you’ve connected your crypto account to your chosen broker, you can turn on automatic trading, which allows the Bit Index AI system to conduct trades on your behalf.

We like that the platform may be set up to limit the number of deals that can be made. However, to be on the safe side, we always recommend that users change their settings based on real-time market predictions and trends, especially since cryptos may be unexpected.

Final Verdict

Bit Index AI is the ideal robot for inexperienced crypto traders who want to get their feet wet in the turbulent market. This is particularly true given the fact that traders do not require any prior knowledge or experience to get started.

All traders need is a simple minimum investment to gain access to all of Bit Index AI’s basic capabilities and features. It only takes a few minutes to get your profile up and running.

Additionally, Bit Index AI is the ideal solution for traders who are worried about having to give up their day jobs to trade cryptocurrencies. The bot’s operations are fully automated. You won’t have to dedicate much of your time to the robot because it only demands 20 minutes per day.

While some people are quick to say this is a scam, it’s not. It’s vital to remember that the crypto market includes a great deal of volatility, meaning that you have to be extra cautious.

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